What does it mean for a Contact, Project or a Bill to be Unlinked?

At times you might see the following (or similar) warning:

What to do?

Please follow the link provided and resolve this issue by selecting "Link with FreeAgent" button on the page. This issue can be also resolved by performing a 'Complete Sync' available under 'Settings' > 'FreeAgent' page. Alternatively, you can delete this object from Appcrual (if no longer needed).

Why do I see this?

When you see an Unlinked Contact, Project or a Bill - this means that for some reason Appcrual cannot find the same Contact, Project or a Bill in FreeAgent. This might happen if this object has been deleted in FreeAgent and FreeAgent API doesn't provide this information back to Appcrual.

Please note - you won't be able to create a Bill in Appcrual, these can be created in FreeAgent only.

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