Creating a purchase order

To create a purchase order you can navigate to Purchase Order section from the menu on your left and press "Add new" button.

You'll be presented with a few fields to fill in:

  • Supplier contact - your supplier to whom you wish to issue your PO. You can also quickly create a new contact here.
  • Linked project You can also quickly create a new project here.
  • Order number - your PO sequential number. This number will auto-increment with each Purchase Order. You can change "PO-" prefix to anything you'd like, system will automatically remember this. 
  • Order date - date when PO has been created.
  • Quote Ref. - you can specify your supplier's quote reference number for a future reference.
  • Delivery date - you can specify delivery deadline for your order.
  • Notes - Feel free to add any required additional information here.
  • Terms - You can outline terms and conditions of your purchase order. I.e. you can specify that you'll pay any incoming invoices within 30 days.
  • Delivery information - You can specify custom delivery address, choose your company address or specify an address from the list of your contacts.
  • Items - you can add as many items as you like to your purchase order.

When you're ready - just press "Create New Purchase Order". You'll be presented with PDF preview of you document. Now you can send it to your supplier, save it as PDF or mark it as sent.

That's it. You can now access your purchase order from Purchase Orders section and related Contact or Project details view.


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