Link Wizard

Occasionally you might see our link wizard which will prompt you to link or import a contact/project. E.g. :

What to do?

Please review your actions carefully for each object. You might have a few options to either create or link this FreeAgent object to the Appcrual one.

Why do I see this?

You might see this screen when Appcrual failed to merge a Contact/Project from FreeAgent. This might happen when you create a Project/Contact in Appcrual and Appcrual Sync system picks up a new Project/Contact with similar information from FreeAgent at the same time. In this scenario Appcrual will give you an option to either create a new Project/Contact in Appcrual from the synced information or link this Project/Contact to already existing in Appcrual that doesn't yet have a link with FreeAgent.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you've having issues with syncing or linking FreeAgent information. 


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